5 Best Moments from unifi Sports Day 2019

Number 5 surprised most of us!

Not many companies in Malaysia have hosted their very own sports celebration, but unifi’s inaugural Sports Day went off with a bang! Hosted at Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya, unifi employees were divided into six teams: Rumah Merah, Rumah Biru, Rumah Hijau, Rumah Kuning, Rumah Oren and Rumah Ungu, just like back in primary and secondary school.

A lot of memories were shared, but these 5 moments are the ones that will be remembered the most by everyone present during the fun-filled day.

1. Creative performances and Mohar’s speech

All the houses presented stellar and energetic performances in front of their judges, but one team caught the eye of the judges – and it was team green! Not surprisingly, Rumah Ungu also was presented ‘Rumah Paling Havoc’ after delivering a pirate-themed performance and persona that wowed everyone else on the field. It is also worth mentioning that Acting Executive Vice President of unifi Moharmustaqeem Mohammed’s speech before the start of the games was nothing short of inspirational; frankly, it’s an uplifting curtain raiser.

2. Telematch games

The one time you get to see your deskmates, or your friends in HR gobble down a huge piece of watermelon, or play coconut bowling was during the Telematch games. Games like ‘Golek Sampai Jatuh’, ‘Retro’ and ‘U Nakal’ were a bit challenging, but doable enough for unifi employees! The ‘Model OKB’ game provided quite a good laugh as well on that day.

3. All-star futsal

Just when you thought the futsal matches between the teams were already entertaining, a team of former Malaysian star players including the legendary Amri Yahyah, Akmal Rizal and Khairul Fahmi (Apek) came together to take on unifi’s finest futsal players on a 5×5 ball game. Of course the legends won… but to play with them on the same field is an interesting experience altogether! On top of that, Mohar also got a bit of action when he was introduced onto the field in the second half of the game.

4. Champions were crowned

Rumah Hijau reigned supreme with a whopping 900,000 points on the throne beating Rumah Biru at 800,000 points, Rumah Kuning at a close 790,000 points, Rumah Ungu at 730,000, Rumah Merah at 660,000 and Rumah Oren at 650,000. To be fair, every participating team gave their all in the competition and was definitely rewarded. Some even went home with a new TV as a lucky draw winner.

5. But the #khabarbaik at the end though…

Before closing the event, Acting EVP of unifi Mohar came out to say a few words to thank all parties for their involvement to make unifi Sports Day a success. When he said “Dengan ini, saya umumkan…” the crowd went bananas! Everyone knew what he was going to say, and it was all confirmed: the next day was a work-from-home arrangement for all unifi employees.