5 Ways To Spread #khabarbaik This Month Of Love

Roses are red violets are blue, khabar baik February for you.

Ah, February, the month of obnoxiously over-played love songs and fancy flowers that are gone in a week. Rather than stressing about last-minute gifts, turn your attention to those who genuinely need some #khabarbaik? Step out of your comfort zone this month of love and focus on 5 ways to give others #khabarbaik.

Stuck in a February rut and looking for something different to do? Why not visit Kebun-kebun Bangsar/Kerinchi? Instead of buying short-lived flowers, you can plant fruits or vegetables which will be donated to soup kitchens and orphanages. Visit on a weekend and participate in organized gotong royongs or come any other time to feed the adorable animals. Have fun preparing a healthy (or indulgent!) picnic lunch with family and friends. Remember to pick up your rubbish and close the gate behind you so the animals don’t escape. Now that wouldn’t be #khabarbaik, would it?

Before adding balloons or flowers to your wish list, have you ever considered the environmental impact of celebrating love? Every year, billions of cards around the world end up in landfills. Non-fair trade chocolate and flower-growing producers are among the biggest users of harmful pesticides. When did expressing love become so commercial anyway? Do February the #khabarbaik way by showing your concern for the planet. Our suggestion: have a date to remember by volunteering together at environmental NGO Ecoknights. If you’re short on time and money, at least have a quick look at their tips on how to celebrate love sustainably. For instance, give a herb plant instead of flowers for a yummy and eco-friendly gift.

Spread #khabarbaik by giving a meaningful gift of love to children at SHELTER, an NGO that helps abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children. You can volunteer your time by helping at any of their Homes or refugee schools. If you have very little time to spare, consider donating some money towards the children’s food, clothes, school supplies and other necessary expenses. Make a difference this month of love by delivering #khabarbaik to children in need.

Pitstop Community Café works to find solutions for urban hunger and poverty by marshalling volunteers and repurposing food. They are also a hub for anyone willing to volunteer their time, skills and financial resources towards making Malaysia a better place. They believe that a hungry person needs to be fed before they can be further assisted. Give a hand up, not a handout, and start spreading #khabarbaik to Malaysia’s hungry this February. 

Many of us at unifi are dedicated parents to our fur kids. Unfortunately, there are so many animals on the streets struggling to survive. My Pets Haven is a no-kill shelter run by Aileen Lee and just one employee. Head over this month to lend a paw and you might even find yourself falling in love with a new fur-ever friend. If you’re allergic to animals or just too busy, you can still send My Pets Haven some #khabarbaik by making a donation.

That wraps up 5 ways to spread #khabarbaik and kindness this month of love!