Apa Khabar?

Positivity is a click away

We know that you’re tired of just seeing people debate about kuey teow goreng and kuey teow basah in an article’s comment section, or your friends’ ‘bojio’ remark every time you post your makan photo. Not forgetting the angry mob whenever a celebrity says something questionable to get viral. We know, because we’re tired too. 

That’s why we created #khabarbaik.

Because everyone deserves some #khabarbaik. The feeling you get when the national team’s striker scores a last-minute goal against Indonesia or when the members of your all-time favourite local band reunite to perform one more show – that’s exactly what we want to deliver.

This space is for everyone to share #khabarbaik about the things you like, be it music, sports, tech and everything in between. And maybe punny headlines. A little humour won’t hurt, right? So go ahead, submit your stories here.

When you spread #khabarbaik around, who knows, more #khabarbaik might just come back to you.