Connecting People: Social Trends That Will Shape 2020

Number 2 comes as no surprise

When the term ‘trends can change overnight’ was first coined, the hype wheel was turning at a considerable pace. Back then, we still had pop culture ‘seasons’ that would change every year or so, but with faster technological advancements, trends do change a lot quicker. A video can go viral last week, and gets totally ignored in the next one!

2020 is not going to slow down for these trends, but these will be the subjects of the year moving forward:

1. High usage of Story filters

When Instagram introduced their Story features, it didn’t take long for the filters to take over. First it was just hue filters, but everything changed when the dog filters went viral. Not long after, brands realised that Story filters can be a great marketing tool to build brand awareness and audience engagement.

Filters have evolved to more than just beauty filters – the memes have kicked in and there’s no going back now.

2. TikTok takes over

TikTok was once every marketer’s worst nightmare, but now the platform is gaining so much hype that even professionals are learning how to use it. TikTok has an interesting strategy, mostly by giving their young and meme-inclined target market simplified tools to make bite-sized videos with high possibility of going viral. The app’s popularity is growing at breakneck speed at the moment and with brands jumping on the bandwagon, TikTok might just have what it takes to rule the social media scene in 2020.

3. Video content continues to boom

Static copy and images are effective ways to promote one’s brand, but access to quality camera equipment and editing software has encouraged brand owners to use more video content in delivering their brand’s message. These days, even SMEs are in tune with social media video trends and memes, turning themselves into entities that are relevant in the digital age.

4. Authentic engagement

With recent news of a few social media platforms fabricating their reports by adjusting the number of likes and views, brands are looking towards more authentic engagement in their content plans. Comments and description on shares (like quote retweets, for example) show more authenticity than likes and views which are easily tweaked by platform providers. Authenticity translates to endorsement and trust – the main targets for brand owners in 2020 – rather than just brand awareness that we’re all used to.

5. Localised content

Looking at the success of McDonald’s ‘Mekdi’ campaign, not to mention the rise of cafés like Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock and Kedai Kopi Malaya, localised concepts work wonders. Even local bands are producing more targeted content, like No Good’s recent song, ‘Sek Kito Jange Pecoh’, which pays tribute to Kelantanese culture, complete with borderline Siamese look and feel. General narratives will take a back seat this year because the audience is more interested in representation and stories that resonate with them instead.

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