Critically Acclaimed Movies You Should Watch During MCO

A few of these were nominated for the Oscars!

With the Movement Control Order (MCO) extended for another two weeks, you’ve probably ran out of blockbusters to watch. You’ve finished the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter film series — what else is on?

Luckily for unifi subscribers, there’s a variety of critically acclaimed movies you can watch, compliments of unifi TV. These movies may not be generic superhero flicks, but we assure you that they’ll keep you entertained until the last crunch of your popcorn.

Here’s a list of excellent movies you must watch:

1. Little Women

Little Women is based on a novel by American author Louisa May Alcott and was a major hit in bookstores when it was first published in 1868. Loosely based on the author’s own experience growing up, the 2019 film version follows the story of the March sisters, documenting their journey from childhood to womanhood.

After the Civil War, Jo March lives in New York as a writer while her sister Amy studies fine art in Europe. The sisters are forced to reunite after Beth, their other sister, develops an illness. Starring Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson and Laura Dern, Little Women will have you in stitches one minute and in tears the next.

2. Jojo Rabbit

If you’re a fan of Thor: Ragnarok, then you’ll love the humour in Jojo Rabbit. Set during the Second World War, the film introduces Jojo, a lonely German boy who discovers that his single mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic. Jojo confronts the political uncertainty and blind nationalism of the times with his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler.

The movie stars Scarlett Johannsson, Archie Yates and Taika Waititi, and features the German version of David Bowie’s iconic track: ‘Heroes’.

3. Hitman: Agent Jun

No, Hitman: Agent Jun is not based on the popular Hitman games. Directed by Choi Won-Sub, this action-comedy, likened to Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle for its witty humour and fast-paced plot, tells the story of an unsuccessful comic book artist who draws a comic about his former life as an NIS hitman.

Problems arise when he decides to post these comics online, with hilarious and action-filled results. Starring Kwon Sang-Woo, Lee Yi-Kyeong and Lee Ji-Won, Hitman: Agent Jun is guaranteed to keep you roaring with laughter.

4. Memoir of a Murderer

Memoir of a Murderer is a crime-thriller that rocks your psyche. It tells the ominous tale of a former serial killer who has Alzheimer’s disease and must protect his beloved daughter from her psychotic boyfriend.

Starring Seol-Hyun Kim, Kim Nam-Gil and Sol Kyung-Gu, this dark thriller will grip you at the edge of your seat and won’t let go until the final, twisted climax.

5. Ford v Ferrari

Automotive enthusiasts argue that Ford v Ferrari should have won an Oscar over Parasite, and we don’t blame them! James Mangold, who also directed X-Men’s Logan, is back with Ford v Ferrari, a visually stunning motion picture for cinema buffs and motorheads alike.

Set in the 1960s, the movie showcases the complicated real-life friendship between American automotive designer Carroll Shelby and British race car driver Ken Miles. These foul-mouthed speed freaks team up to compete against the legendary Enzo Ferrari and his lightning-fast racecars at the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1966 France. The movie features riveting performances from Christian Bale, Matt Damon and Jon Bernthal.

6. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is ostentatiously Quentin Tarantino’s swansong project before throwing in the towel. The film isn’t as action-packed as Kill Bill or Django Unchained, but it does give you a glimpse of behind-the-scenes Golden Age Hollywood, Tarantino’s first foray into this era.

The story revolves around Rick a washed-out actor, and Cliff his loyal stunt double and only friend, struggling to recapture fame and success in 1960s Los Angeles. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz and Al Pacino in an all-star, Tarantino signature ensemble cast. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Tarantino flick without a healthy dose of gory violence.

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