How to Stay Occupied During MCO Period

Let’s try to get the best out of a sticky situation

The COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting Movement Control Order (MCO) have forced most of us to stay home and practise social distancing to help flatten the curve of the infection nationwide. So, for the next two weeks, we’ll be working in the comfort of our home, with maybe that one short trip to the grocery store to restock on food.

We know that most of you must find it a bit strange working at home on the first three days – some of you even uploaded videos of pets reacting to their owners being home in the daytime. It feels like it’s taking longer to reach 5pm, and you’re technically clueless on what to do to keep yourself amused.

So here’s a list of things you can do throughout your 14-day stay at Resort D’Home:

1. Stay calm, stay clean, stay safe

First and foremost, we need everyone to stay calm. Acknowledge that the virus has affected our daily lives and it’s time to adjust with the times. Remember that this is temporary and like other disasters, this too shall pass.

Now that you’re calm and collected, please make sure to wash your hands properly or sanitise. If you’re one of those folks who couldn’t get a bottle of hand sanitiser before the panic buying, just wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Don’t forget to shower, too!

Due to the MCO, it is only wise for all of us to stay indoors most of the time, and only travel for necessities.

2. Only spread verified information regarding COVID-19

As you all may know, there’s been numerous false reports regarding the COVID-19 situation, even rumours that the virus can turn you into a zombie. Now this isn’t an episode of The Walking Dead, so to avoid panic, please check your sources and make sure that the information you’re sharing is authentic. We need to do our part to ensure that the movement control action taken by the government will bear fruit.

This also includes chain messages in family WhatsApp groups. Good morning messages are cool, fake news is not, okay?

3. Cook that dish you’ve been wanting to try

Since we’re all busy with work most of the time, we barely have time to experiment with new recipes to cook for ourselves or our loved ones. It’s always either pre-packed food or instant meals, especially for the bujang ones. Today, you can try out a number of crazy recipes using the groceries you bought recently.

To add a bit of flair, maybe try fusion recipes like tomyam spaghetti, or even pasta masak lemak cili api!

4. Finish reading those books

Do you remember when many of us bought stacks of cheap books from a book sale, and ended up never reading them? Some of you might read them, but they’re all collecting dust on your bookshelves. Maybe it’s time to revisit those books and give them a read – be it a book about characters from Star Wars, or Freakonomics!

Alternatively, you can read great stories from websites, like ours! Check out this heartwarming tale about a young Sabahan boy who believed that his mother’s ‘prayers’ were the reason behind his successes in life.

5. Listen to local music

You’ve cooked your meals, you’ve brought out your books; what’s next? Music, of course! Now is a good time to explore the local music scene and enjoy Malaysia’s finest musical craft you can find online.

You might not be able to attend the music festivals scheduled to be held during the confinement, but here’s a tune that will help you relax after a hectic day: a cover of SM Salim’s ‘Tak Seindah Wajah’ performed by the legendary monoloQue and Asmidar.

6. Watch movies at unifi TV

For now, all of the cinemas are closed as a precaution to ensure that we remain safe and healthy. This means that you won’t be able to enjoy the latest movies with a box of popcorn at your favourite cinema for the time being. Since all the channels on unifi TV are now complimentary, including the premium ones, it’s time to switch on your television and enjoy the best blockbusters without having to download them illegally using torrent sites.

Starting with a wide array of MCU movies leading up to Avengers: Infinity War, you can also binge-watch the whole season of the wackiest family in America, Modern Family. And they are all available for your viewing pleasure.

7. Check in on your loved ones

You don’t have to balik kampung to connect with your family. Checking in on your loved ones can be the smallest of gestures; it can start with a text, a phone call or even a video call where everyone huddles in and shares stories about different experiences working from home.

If you’re already with them, maybe it’s time to bring out the board games and enjoy quality time the old school style. A game of Sahibba or Monopoly wouldn’t hurt!

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