Let’s Make DOTA Great Again

Is the game really dying?

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DOTA 2 has practically been a permanent fixture in every gamer’s starter pack since 2013. The game’s popularity gave birth to legendary players like Dendi, Kuroky, Puppey and The International’s two-time champion, N0tail.

Rumours circulating within the community since the end of 2019 say that DOTA 2 is dying.

As of 20 January 2020, the game is still on Steam’s top 3 games, taking turns sitting on the throne with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG).

Fans around the world are worried about the growth of the game as the numbers are not stable compared to the other games, especially CSGO. Are newcomers keen on FPS games or do they prefer MOBA?

DOTA2 Players Stats

If you’re a fan of DOTA 2, we believe everyone must play their role in ‘saving’ the game from its untimely demise. Here are the things that Valve and loyal devotees can do to save the game we love:

1. Make DOTA 2 ‘newbie friendly’

Two of the core problems of the game are acquisition and retention. DOTA 2 is a complex game that takes years to master. Non-stop introductions of patches with new items and heroes in DOTA 2 will make the learning curve steeper for new players and render their experience less enjoyable.

2. Make ‘fast game’ a reality

The phrase has been with us since the birth of DOTA. The on-the-go lifestyle of today’s gamers makes mobile games more popular. A mobile game match runs for an average 15 to 30 minutes compared to DOTA 2, which takes 40 to 50 minutes. Shorter game length provides more room for players to experience more games, heroes and situations within a short period of time. Most importantly, we need ranked Turbo mode and ‘GG’ surrender button!

3. Start promoting DOTA 2

Getting earned media from The International and other major tournaments is not good enough. Valve needs to start promoting the game on digital and mainstream media platforms to acquire  new players, just like their competitors. As a player, you can help by promoting the game to friends and family members in your circle and guide them until they’re good at it.

4. Organize more minor tournaments

Less than 1% out of all competitive players are making a living from playing DOTA 2. Valve and companies within the gaming industry need to focus on minor event sponsorships too. Giving opportunities to B and C-tier players to play competitively will encourage them to play more.

5. Be kind to newbies

Stop being toxic towards the newbies. Guide them rather than cyberbully them with harsh remarks. A toxic environment tends to lead players to drop off and cause them to switch to other games. So, it’s time to detox, everyone!

6. Take ranked matches seriously

Trolling is entertaining sometimes but we also need to respect players who play for their big dreams. Risking the ‘W’ with unconventional builds, picking heroes that are not within the position you pre-selected or throwing should be avoided.

7. Support streamers and content creators

Streamers and content creators are key drivers for games to grow. Becoming a supporter on Facebook or subscribing to their Twitch and YouTube channels will encourage them to create more content. Most importantly, don’t skip the ads you see in their content. True fans don’t skip ads.

8. Watch DOTA 2 tournament live streams

People move on as they become older due to career or family commitment. We might not be able to play the game as often as we did a few years back, but we still can support organizers to get sponsorship by contributing to the number of views.

Nothing lasts forever and this applies to all elements that exist in our beloved universe. But we can slow the process down by playing our part for the love of the game. You might be a Carry or Mid, but now it’s time to be a Support. Long live DOTA!

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