PlayStation 5: What We Know So Far

The console wars look set to be ignited – again

Sony has been tight-lipped when it comes to any developments on their upcoming console, PlayStation 5. The fifth and soon-to-be youngest brother in the PlayStation family has already been making noise last year with wild speculations, predictions and rumours circulating in the tech space.

Thankfully, Sony decided to take the first step in releasing the console by announcing the new machine’s logo.

Release date

It’s reported that Sony will most probably release the PS5 in “Holiday 2020”. In this context, ‘holiday’ means the Christmas festivities in the States, so we may be expecting a November or December deadline, depending on Sony’s official updates. A Christmas release is totally expected; that way the PS5 will be the ultimate gift for the holidays.

Let’s talk about specs

With the buzz surrounding 8K resolution, the PS5 will support 8K gaming (provided you have an 8K TV, of course). This was confirmed when Sony announced that the PS5 will be supported with an AMD chip that has a CPU-based Ryzen’s third generation. So if you’ve already freaked out after playing Resident Evil in 4K, wait until you see the Nosferatu in 8.

The AMD also allows the company to introduce ray tracing, a lighting technique being used in Hollywood (think Pixar’s Cars and Monsters University) that can now bring a different level of immersion to gaming. Despite the technique being light-based, ray tracing will reportedly also help improve audio, especially with the PS5’s capability to support 3D audio in mind.

Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, the PS5 will have a disc drive. And not forgetting that Sony promised backwards compatibility with the previous gen, which means you will be able to play games from your PS4.

How about the price?

Due to the reported specs, Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda predicted that the price of the PS5 will be in the range of US$499, which is roughly about RM2,000+. This console will reportedly be 100 dollars more than the PS4.

What about games?

When the trailer of the upcoming The Elder Scrolls game was dropped, most experts predict that the game will be released for the next gen, meaning that PS5 players may be the first ones to experience Bethesda’s land of limitless possibilities.

As expected, annual releases from EA like FIFA, NBA and NFL will continue when the PS5 arrives, while franchises like God of War and Call of Duty are also likely to follow suit. Fans of GTA should also be excited, as Rockstar Games left crumbs for another Grand Theft Auto game, that may take place in Vice City.

There are rumours going around saying that a game called Godfall by Counterplay Games will be part of the launch celebrations, as the game will also be released around the same predicted quarter.

Microsoft’s counter-attack

If you think Microsoft will hold back this year, then you’re wrong. The company already introduced their version of the next gen: Xbox Series X. Formerly known as Project Scarlett, the Series X also has backwards compatibility, and will release Halo: Infinite, the much-anticipated sequel to Microsoft’s line of Halo games.

Do you think Sony will once again reign supreme in the upcoming generation’s console war? Or will Xbox get the upper hand?

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