Will COVID-19 Impact Your Internet Connection?

Have no fear, unifi is here!

With the announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO), Malaysians went from “yumcha at the mamak?” to having our daily outings rationed to one trip to the shops – for essentials only. Millions of Malaysians have been self-isolating for more than two weeks now: working, studying, distant socialising and finding entertainment thanks to the magical benefits of technology and omnipresent connectivity.

Deserted streets and full homes engendered an outsized expansion of Malaysia’s digital footprint. Can our internet handle it or will it shatter into digital smithereens under the strain of millions of bored, scrolling thumbs? In the short term, maybe not. In the long run, expect disruptions so prepare your patience for the infamous spinning rainbow wheel of doom.

We understand that intermittent connection and slow downloads are frustrating; because we care, we’re telling you what our tech experts are doing to minimise the impact of network congestion and give you the best online experience in these challenging times.

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#inikami, we’re ready to take on the challenge

According to an article by The Star, telco companies do provide sufficient bandwidth capacity. However, it’s normally allocated to more commercial purposes because prior to the MCO, most Malaysians were out at school or the office for most of the week. Ookla’s research reveals that fixed broadband’s mean download speed has actually increased since December 2019. Fuyoohh!

In response to the meteoric rise in virtual activity, our tech team has activated new network capacities based on future forecast and optimised current ones based on area network usage trends. The result: stronger internet connection and wider coverage.

Most network capacity issues are caused by the “last mile” of cable, which the service provider uses to funnel internet to your homes. The cable system is a little anachronistic; it’s originally designed to carry TV signals into your home, not carry information out of it. Try and run a speed test – you’ll notice a huge difference between your turbo downloads and your plodding uploads.

Stable and efficient connectivity is an imperative during this unprecedented crisis. As the nation’s enabler of connectivity and digital aspiration, we are here to help ease your stay-at-home experience during the MCO enforcement. To ensure maximum service availability to all unifi customers, all scheduled planned maintenance work has been paused.

Keeping you connected, always

We have set up command centres to support essential services and government facilities and provide internet support to their critical operations 24/7. Remediation teams are on standby, ready to address internet issues highlighted by businesses and domestic households as well, albeit from outside customers’ premises.

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To “balance” network traffic allocation, capacity to manage ‘network cloggers’ such as YouTube and Netflix have been added. When push comes to shove, we’ll watch Upin & Ipin in standard definition.

To uphold the spirit of #kitajagakita, we’ve teamed up with other telco operators to activate domestic interconnection over MyIX. We’re pooling our resources like spectrum usage, doing everything we can to keep mobile internet and broadband services strong and stable as part of our support measures throughout the extended MCO period.

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There’s an old wives’ tale about how the internet was built to survive  a nuclear war – which is a bit of a myth, though the sentiment remains. Whether it was designed to withstand a man-made apocalypse or not, it will take a lot more than COVID-19, a few million more Microsoft Teams meetings and unifi TV streams to overload its capacity.

So have no fear, unifi is here! Virtually, and from a socially acceptable distance of course.

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