#khabarbaik Brings Tempatan Fest Fans a Bigger Universe

K-Clique and OAG on the same weekend? Now that’s a festival!

If you’ve heard of Malaysian independent clothing pioneers like Abstrax and Akudesign, then you most probably have heard of Tempatan Fest, one of the most successful independent clothing fest in Malaysia. Since 2013, Tempatan Fest has gathered more than 100,000 attendees across the country – and at this rate, they don’t look like they’re slowing down.


Together with unifi, Tempatan Fest is now set to be even bigger. Behold Tempatan Fest Universe 2019, a gathering of everything local: streetwear, music and F&B. Popular brands like Stoned & Co, NAISE, Todak Culture, Abstrax and more were listed as the brands to look forward to for this year’s celebration, so you can expect a few collection releases or even a year-end sale.

Their iconic Tempatan Stage will see a facelift, where fans can now enjoy both rock and hip hop on two separate days.

Headlining the Rolling Saturday rock stage will be legendary outfit Blues Gang, known for their hit in the Nogori dialect, ‘Apo Nak Dikato’ together with Old Automatic Garbage or OAG, who has announced that they’ll be saying their goodbyes in the near future. Other acts include the new-look Sekumpulan Orang Gila, sister band Margosa and Aru’s brainchild, Koffin Kanser.

The Phlowin Sunday hip hop stage called the most sought-after rappers to conquer the stage on the next day. Folks from K-Clique will be joining Kartel’s Alif and Sonaone on the top bill, while Benzooloo, Sabbala, Gard and Loca B will also be making a lot of noise on the 29th, closing the curtains of Tempatan Fest with moshes and singalongs.

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