#khabarbaik this February

Weight loss stories, discounts, we have it all here!

Another month, another dose of #khabarbaik. Now we know that the social media news spheres have been raving about COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any positive news out there to cheer you up.

From nostalgic bands to free food (everybody loves free food), we’re here to break the negativity and craft a smile. So, here are all the good things about February 2020:

1. Pop punk band Boys Like Girls is coming to Malaysia!

If you’re old or young enough to remember the days of altering your Myspace page, figuring out who to put on your Top Friends list and binge-listening to bands from the Music section – and one of those bands would be Boys Like Girls. Luckily for fans, the Boston-based band will be coming to Kuala Lumpur to perform their self-titled album in its entirety. This comes as a #khabarbaik after the postponement of festivals like Rockaway and Nusafest, so you have to expect hungry rock fans to mosh their hearts out this 11 April!

Make sure you memorize the words to ‘Thunder’, ‘Five Minutes to Midnight’ and most importantly, ‘The Great Escape’!

2. Fried chicken fans rejoiced: KFC offered 2 snack plates for RM20

We’re pretty sure you’ve at least seen photos of people lining up to get their taste of the ol’ finger lickin’ goodness. That’s because KFC announced that they were offering a ridiculous discount: 2 snack plates for RM20 in conjunction with the catchy 20 February 2020 date. (Sounds like an ideal date to get married, kan?) The offer includes 2 sets of coleslaw, mashed potatoes, buns and a pair of original or spicy fried chicken. 

It’s nice to see everyone enjoying their meals after the long queue!

3. Malaysia has only 5 COVID-2019 patients left to be treated in hospitals

When news first broke about the coronavirus finally arriving in Malaysia, tensions were high and Malaysians were not far from panic mode like our neighbours, who have raided the supermarkets for food supplies and other necessities. Interestingly, our Ministry of Health remained calm and composed in handling the COVID-2019 threat. A total of 17 cases have fully recovered as of 20 January, including the first Malaysian to be infected with the virus, a 41-year-old man who was discharged on the 20th.

Even Japanese netizens praised the ministry for their efficiency. Keep up the good work!

4. Saloma Link finally opens its doors to pedestrians for the first time

The much-anticipated link between Kampung Baru and KLCC was finally unveiled on 5 February, benefiting pedestrians from the two areas. Built at a cost of RM31 million, the link starts from Lorong Raja Muda Musa 3 and is connected to Lorong Saloma, near Menara Public Bank on Jalan Ampang. What’s interesting about the Saloma Link or Pintasan Saloma is that the design was inspired by the sirih junjung concept, a very recognisable part of Malay culture especially in weddings. Most importantly, now the people of Kampung Baru don’t need to brave the traffic congestion (or AKLEH) to go visit the Twin Towers.

5. TGV Cinemas gives out free popcorn

Popular cinema franchise TGV Cinemas decided to celebrate 20 February (Malaysians love to celebrate these dates) with a totally irresistible offer: free popcorn combos for one whole month! This means you’re able to claim one regular popcorn and one regular soft drink with every pair of movie tickets purchased using TGV website, app or Mastercard from 20 February up until 20 March. Insane right? Now you’re able to watch Birds of Prey, Sonic the Hedgehog or if you’re a fan of Bahasa films, Mamat Khalid’s Rock 4: Rockers Never Dai with free popcorn and drinks.

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