We Still Can’t Believe These Happened at Tempatan Fest Universe 2019

Pop culture fans entertained with some #khabarbaik

After a positive year for Malaysian pop culture, Tempatan Fest Universe 2019 ended the year in style after thousands of patrons attended the event at Strand Mall in Kota Damansara on 28 and 29 December.

For a festival of this scale, you can bet that many memories were shared during the event. These are our favourite ones so far:

Blues Gang is still relevant, a band for the ages

After Butterfingers, another legendary band stepped out from the shadows to strum the strings and bang the drums once more. Ito Mohd and company returned under the Blues Gang banner, in front of a newer, younger crowd who enjoyed the Blues at Tempatan Stage’s Rolling Saturday. The band – once a giant in the music industry – even made an appearance in Nasir Jani and Datuk M. Nasir’s cult film, Kembara Seniman Jalanan.

The iconic phrase “Poie pokan, naik basika” is not just popular among Negeri Sembilan folks, because the Nismilan anthem ‘Apo Nak Dikato’ was sung in unison during the Gang’s return to the main stage. Thankfully the band performed at night, or else the “tongah haghi tongah paneh” lyrics would just come full circle. 

M. Nasir made an appearance

Speaking of M. Nasir, the award-winning singer-songwriter and producer was seen wandering around the festival grounds and taking photos. The singer looked delighted to see the crowd of people enjoying the attractions of Tempatan Fest. Maybe he came to support old friends from Blues Gang.

Or do you think he’d fancy a TF x Stoned & Co’s tie-dye t-shirt? Visit this site to check it out.

Todak invaded Tempatan Fest

Todak Culture was in full swing at the 2019 edition of Tempatan Fest. If you’re familiar with Todak’s creative billboards and the isometric survival game that they’re working on, then you’d know Todak’s branding game is on another level.

Todak brought their sponsored athletes Botak Kuantan and Mat Dagu for their BMX freestyle competition, Q&A session with their Mobile Legends team and even hosted a runway for their fashion arm.

Sekumpulan Orang Gila’s Raja Nazrin joined the crowd, while still playing the guitar

Other than Blues Gang, one of the highlights of Rolling Saturday was Sekumpulan Orang Gila’s performance. Recently reintroducing themselves with a new look after spending time recording in Paris, Sekumpulan Orang Gila looked fresh.

But what caught our eye was when guitarist and clean vocalist Raja Nazrin Shah jumped down from the stage to join the crowd in dancing and singing their hearts out. Watch the video here.

K-Clique, Sonaone, Alif garnered thousands of fans

No one can deny the might of Malaysian hip-hop, a fever that has swept the nation with beats and flows for the past 2 years. At Tempatan Stage’s Phlowin’ Sunday, hip-hop fans got to witness the biggest gathering of in-demand rappers since the 16 Baris concert in 2018.

After GARD brought the crowd to ‘Wonderland’, Lawalah reps Benzooloo and Sabbala performed back to back before the break. Penang-based rapper Dato’ Maw warmed up the evening crowd with his hits, right before Loca B, Alif & Sonaone and K-Clique conquered the stage with ‘Naluri’, ‘OBVIOUS’ and ‘Mimpi’. What a celebration to close Malaysian hip-hop’s colourful year!

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