#inikami: Why We’re Still Hard at Work

A letter from the unifi family

As you all know, our country is currently facing our biggest public health crisis yet – a pandemic that has forced us to change the way we work and how we live. The government has issued the Movement Control Order for us to stay indoors. Most employers have initiated ‘Work-From-Home’ procedures to protect the well-being of their employees and, at the same time, to keep their businesses alive and well.

In a period when “social distancing” has become the best way to protect ourselves, the role of the Internet in keeping us connected has become even more significant than ever before. In the weeks ahead, millions of Malaysians will rely on a stable Internet connection for learning and working from home, and to keep themselves updated with the latest news and announcements on COVID-19.

In times when we’re supposed to cave in and protect ourselves from danger, we’re not. We at TM understand our responsibility to ensure continued delivery of our operations and services. We’re required by Majlis Keselamatan Negara to provide restoration works for other essential services like PDRM, Malaysia Airports, Armed Forces and others so they can continue to serve the country at critical times like these.

Through Special Working Arrangements implemented for all our staff nationwide, our network is always-on and available to our customers so they can stay connected wherever they are. All priority installations and urgent restoration cases are also ongoing, observing procedures as advised by the Ministry of Health. 

Our team in Negeri Sembilan, for example, spent more than 120 hours on a recent case to restore Internet connection to Mantin and surrounding areas, all the while taking every precaution – like wearing masks and routinely sanitising – to ensure the safety of both our customers and employees. In every state, a virtual command centre has been set up and technical teams are on standby. In the true spirit of #becauseunificares, we are at full force in attending to your need for communication.

Rest assured that we’re fixing your problems as fast as we can. You can greet us, or surprise us with a jug of water, but remember to keep yourself safe and clean – so an honest smile would suffice. But if you do intend to greet us, don’t forget to sanitise and wear your masks!

Image credit: Teem Nogori State PR NS

The men and women of TM are working tirelessly under the hot sun and the wee hours of the morning to provide your need to connect with the virtual world (with preventive measures, of course). It may not be a cure or a solution, but we’re giving our all to keep you informed with the right information for you to be able to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Our focus now is the same as every day: we want our customers to have access to the most reliable networks, information and solutions. 

We will continue providing you with daily updates on our network performance, offering help and support for your connectivity needs, tips on how to work in this new environment and more, to navigate the days and weeks to come. We encourage you to visit our digital channels and social media platforms for the latest updates every day.

The power of connectivity is essential now to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and keep our nation’s economy moving forward. This is why we’ve moved to open up all of our channels and premium content on unifi TV, as an incentive for people to stay at home. We will also address the struggles experienced by customers during this period. We hope that by taking these actions, we can all work together towards flattening the curve. 

A heartfelt thanks to our dedicated unifi employees who continue to work day in and day out, to ensure our essential services are available to our customers so they can stay connected where and when they need it most.

Let us all play our parts in healing our dearest Malaysia and hopefully, everything will be better really soon. 

#inikami: this is our role. We’re here to make sure you are well connected.

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