Prank Gone Wrong?!

Have you done this at work?

January is the birth month of many champions, including Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr. These two share birth months with another champion, someone who has been leading a group of passionate people in Malaysia’s leading telecommunication industry, and that person is Mr Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, or everyone calls him by his nickname, Mohar.

Known for his charismatic and forever-young spirit, Mohar was surprised with a birthday party as unifi employees planned a secret celebration in conjunction with his birthday. From the smiles and laughter at the party, it is apparent that Mohar is loved by many.

And why not? His impact in the telecommunication world is monumental — he even brought Malaysian legends Butterfingers back into the limelight during his tenure!

The occasion also served as a farewell to Mohar who was embarking on his new role as Chief Executive Officer of Telekom Multi-Media in February. Besides saying thank you, everyone present took the opportunity to wish Mohar all the very best.

Watch how unifi peeps surprise Mohar in the video below: